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Education in Bokaro: Landscape, Scenario and Scope

The steel city of India, Bokaro has been rapidly growing in the fields of academics. It is well known for quality education right from the primary level. The city being a major industrial centre, there has been lot of students coming from all over the country to study & build their career to achieve new highs in their respective fields of life. Right from the start, the higher education in Bokaro was built on a strong foundation of values which placed its students at the centre of all activity.

Education is available to every age group including child education, girl’s education, higher education and adult education.

Broadly speaking there are three types of educational setups in the city in formal education
  • Government funded entities 
  • Privately owned institutions 
  • Semi-Government Institutions
School Education is an important segment of the educational delivery system considerably contributing to the development scenario in the state of Jharkhand. The main aim of the education in Bokaro is to develop the infrastructure facilities for the schools particularly those schools which have recently been up-graded.

Bokaro has sheltered some of the best colleges offering world class education in fields like technology, management, medicine and other mainstream professional courses. A number of institutes of various statures have come up in the region that offers a variety of options to the students to pursue their education.

Bokaro is serving a lot in its platter for the budding professionals to opt this city to reap success and educational empowerment.

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